MXUS 3K-Turbo Direct Drive Motor

Being the North American dealer for MXUS has some perks. This month, we are honored to receive one of the first "3K-Turbo" 45mm motors to roll off the assembly line.

When MXUS first released the 45mm motor, it has a stamped steel stator core (V1). Before Kinaye was even a company, Barent was organizing a group buy on Endless-Sphere for the MXUS V1. Shortly thereafter, MXUS released the V2 design which introduced a cast aluminum stator. The V2 stator does a better job of sucking heat away from the windings during short power bursts. The only complaint some hot-rodders had about the V2, was that the phase wires were a bit wimpy and would get hot. Some (including us, with our race motors) tried upgrading the phase wires, but with the stock axle, it was a tight fit to get anything larger than 12AWG wire through the axle hole. We begged and pleaded with MXUS to give us MORE!

Well, MXUS has finally answered, with the very impressive looking "3K-Turbo", or as some might call it, the "V3" design.

The 3K-Turbo, upgrades the axle from 17mm to 20mm diameter on the wire side with a larger bearing to squeeze in 5.26mm² phase wires (76% increase in cross-sectional area): Larger phase wires reduces the resistance and increases the efficiency of the power delivery to the motor. In addition, the 3K-Turbo adds a spare set of hall & temp wires for double-redundancy more reliability.

The larger phase wires are particularly beneficial for the 3T and 4T windings where the cross-sectional area of the winding very close to the same 5.26mm². On the 5T and 6T windings, the 2.98mm² phase wire size of the V2 design is sufficient since both of those windings similarly have like cross-sectional area. Moving forward, all 3T and 4T motors Kinaye stocks will be of the 3K-Turbo designation, and the 5T and 6T Fat Bike motors will continue to be the V2 Design.

We are excited to be one of the first vendors on the planet to offer the new 3K-Turbo motor: We are taking pre-orders now, and will be finalizing the order with MXUS as soon as they return from their Chinese New Year Holiday. We expect our stock to sell out quickly, so the best way to guarantee that you get this popular motor is to pre-order it from our website. Pre-ordering will also help us to know how many of each winding to have produced.

Let the spring builds and upgrades commence!

Phase Wires: The new 3K-Turbo V3 on the Left, and the MXUS V2 on the Right.

More Room: Larger diameter axle on the wire side allows more room for the bundle.

Same wide stator, now with dual-Halls and Temp Sensors; gotta love it!