Jan-2016 FatBike SnowDay

Biking in the winter for so many years was an activity for only the truly dedicated. Wind, Rain, sleet, snow, and mud takes its toll on the bike and the body.

Traditionally, the winter months have been a time to stay in the garage and repair or build next summer's project bike.

Fortunately, we now have Fat Bikes to provide some relief from otherwise punishing snow conditions. Pair that Fat Bike with a 3000W MXUS Hub motor, and you have a recipe for the ultimate year-round grin-inducing adventure machine.

More than once we were passed up by a noisy, stinky snowmobile, spewing it's 2-cycle stench across the landscape. We can't help but wonder when such vehicles will become obsolete as more and more folks discover the truly amazing power and pleasure that can be had with an electric off-road vehicle like a Fat Ebike.

We love to ride ebikes, and what better way to plow the snow than with a high-performance ebike with Big tires that float on top of the snow. And what better way to take in Mother Nature's serene beauty, than on a completely silent and odor free bicycle.

We're pretty sure that once you ride one yourself, you will agree with us. Fat Bikes are cool, and a high-powered Electric Fat Bike is the future of off-road adventuring.


  • Location: Lake Easton State Park
  • Easton, Washington, south side of I-90 @ Exit 70
  • Elevation: 2,169 ft (661 m)
  • Permits: Single-Day fee ($10). We parked at the Boat Launch, thereby escaping the required SNO=PARK fee.
  • Conditions At The Pass: 24 hours prior, they received a foot of fresh snow. Easton is roughly 16 miles east; Daytime was slightly above freezing, with about 6 inches of heavy new snow.
  • Related: The Iron Horse Trail passes through the park.

More info on this product conversion: Mongoose Dolomite/Hitch Fat Bike.