RaceDay July 20-2016

After a winter of adjustment, the Team worked diligently to bring RaceBike Verion-2 to the dragstrip at Pacific Raceways in Auburn Washington. We made several improvements, including a stronger faster motor, larger battery, and better wheels. The weather was great and the bike exceeded our expectations.

Recovering from a Snafu

Last year the motor manufacturer sent ours to Colorado by mistake and we got theirs in return which was completely unsuitable for racing. Short on time, we mounted the MXUS-3T and topped out at 66 mph on the final run of last season.

This year we had the correct motor with higher Kv laced up into a slightly larger and better rim. Also the tires were upgraded to higher speed ratings. Battery voltage remained the same, however we increased the capacity to boost the available current and reduce sag. In addition, the shocks front and rear were firmed up. A new essential component was added for this buildout: The Kickstand – and what a kickstand it is; very convenient for those long waits in the queue.

At the Track

It was a good day for racing; the weather was warm with a slight breeze and nearly cloudless sky. Getting power was problematic at the beginning of the afternoon being shut off by track management and delayed our runs for about an hour. Once resolved though the Team fell into pace to prep the bike. Pit Crew consisted of Barent, Paul and Eric, with Alan as the Jockey. Weighing in: RaceBike came in about 145 lbs. (before faring), and Alan's was 173 lbs. all suited up with helmet.

We made 5 runs between 6 and 9 PM varying between 75.54 mph up to the final run which weighed in at 78.89 mph. About the only hitch of the day was a cross-wind on the 3rd attempt that caused the bike to drift a few feet from one side of the lane to the other. Overall we were quite pleased with the track, the quality of the ride, and the power displayed by the system. In a word: it was thrilling from beginning to end, with all of our runs in the 17's.

The adjustments made between runs were subtle and conservative. We revalidated the faring; last year the difference with and without was moot, however this year the ride was indeed better with much less buffeting. We firmed up the tires owing to better track conditions. Lastly we dabbled a bit with field weakening on the final fun.

On the 2nd and 5th attempts we raced alongside Cory Tsai driving #77, a Greyborg with an Adappto-MaxE controller. On that last run, Alan had the faster reaction time, though Cory had the stronger start through the 1/8-mile, however Alan caught up and surpassed when the Greyborg topped out. Truly a fun run with allies.


Eric our Wheel Builder did such a fine job with lacing and truing that neither wheel required weights to bring into balance. Barent worked tirelessly to prep the bike once we had wheels ready. Both Barent and Paul shot video, with Barent at the Starting Line, and Paul near the 1/8th on the far side. Lastly, Barent provided post-production on the video.

Friends and Allies

In the pits, Shock & Awe Team set up next right next to us, and it was inspiring to see these guys work on their incredible machine! They made one run that surpassed 150 mph. On the other side of them was the Team for O’ Sparky driven by Scott Vandivort which made 67.26 mph in 19.548 seconds on the last run. Scott and Cory work for Rad Power Bikes in Seattle.

Overall it was a good day at the track and we are pleased with RaceBike; it was great fun, great success, and above all great teamwork!

RaceBike V2 2016

RaceBike V2 - new and improved

K-Team July 2016

K-Team (L/R): Barent, Eric, Alan, & Paul

O' Sparky driven my Scott V.

Shock and Awe setup directly beside us. Happy to lend them a bit of power.


Run Clock R/T 1/8-Time 1/8-MPH E.T. MPH Comments
1 6:01 PM 0.469 11.544 65.43 17.739 76.18 No fairing, buffeting
2 6:44 PM 0.325 11.441 65.47 17.664 75.54 No faring, headwind
3 7:45 PM 0.355 11.542 66.37 17.618 77.82 Faring added, crosswind
4 8:35 PM 0.182 11.548 66.67 17.586 78.54 Tire PSI reset, smooth ride
5 9:15 PM 0.197 11.503 67.08 17.508 78.89 F/W, Busy catching #77